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These days you have to jump through a bunch of hoops just to get stuff done. We thought it’d be nice to make the mentoring process as simple as possible and wanted the signup process to be as quick and easy as humanly.

Get Setup in Seconds for mobile

Track your progress easily

We have standardised the coaching and mentoring lifecyle using a step by step checklist, which provides all the activities involved and giving participants a status overview of the mentoring relationship.

Track your progress easily for mobile

Easy scheduling

We help you manage your schedule. You tell us what time works best for you and we help your other mentees find a time that works for them. This way you always stay up to date and can prevent any clashes in your schedule.

Easy scheduling for mobile

All mentoring tools in one place

Meetmentees allows you to spend more time interacting with your mentees, expanding your business and less time learning how to use other applications.

All mentoring tools in one place for mobile

Our Commitment to Coaches and Mentors

We will make it easy for you to launch, manage and grow your coaching business. We have identified the key elements of the coaching and mentoring lifecycle and included them within one platform. You will be equipped to manage multiple mentoring relationships without the burden of managing multiple applications.


Find a Coach

Discover experts, coaches and mentors to support your success journey.


Join a fast-growing community of mentors

Become a part of a thriving mentoring community committed to advancing your careeer and business.

MeetMentees is a global platform that supports coaches and mentors by equipping them with the necessary resources to help individuals develop skills and expertise.

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